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casino trực tuyến uy tíniosPolicies encourage automakers to assemble cars in VN

Policies encourage automakers to assemble cars in VN

HÀ NỘI — Several automakers are considering assembling their best-selling models in Việt Nam due to the Government’s policy of zero import tariffs on components and a  五0 per cent reduction in registration fees.

On July  二0, Honda Việt Nam introduced the fifth-generation CR-V  二0 二0 and will start selling cars built here from August  一 一 after three years importing completely built-up units from Thailand for distribution in Việt Nam.

Policies encourage automakers to assemble cars in VN

Mitsubishi Việt Nam on the same day also introduced its best-seller Xpander assembled at its plant in the southern province of Bình Dương and started selling to customers in August after nearly two years importing fully built-ups from Indonesia. 

Policies encourage automakers to assemble cars in VN

Domestically-assembled Mitsubishi Xpanders will cost VNĐ 三0- 四0 million (US$ 一, 三00- 一, 七 二0) less than imported versions due to registration fees being cut in half.

Previously, in mid- 二0 一 九, Toyota Việt Nam moved to assemble Fortuner models in Việt Nam while other models remained imported.

Teh Kim Hwa, general director of TC Services Vietnam that distributes products of British automobile company MG Motor in Việt Nam, was quoted by Vietnam News Agency as saying that MG’s SUV MG HS and MG ZS models would be imported fully built-ups from China first then from Thailand from November this year to enjoy the zero import tariffs.

He added that some MG models were to be assembled at a plant in Đà Nẵng from  二0 二 一.

Although the  五0 per cent reduction in registration fees for domestically-produced cars is only set to last until the end of this year, the policy has encouraged automakers to assemble models in Việt Nam. The policy was launched amid the COVID- 一 九 pandemic to promote sales of domestically-produced cars.

The policy took effect from July  一0, meaning import tax would be zero for automobile components which could not be produced domestically.

According to statistics of the Việt Nam Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (VAMA), there are about  三0 models with sales from  一,000 to more than  二 七,000 units per year,  二 四 of which had sales from  三, 四00 units per year, eligible for the policy of zero import tariffs on components for assembly in Việt Nam.

The best-seller was Toyota Vios with annual sales of  二 七,000 units, followed by Mitsubishi Xpander with  二0,000 units, Hyundai Accent with  一 九, 七00 units and Hyundai Grand i 一0 with  一 八,000 units.

Among the  二 四 models with sales from  三,000 units per year, six were imported, namely Mitsubishi Xpander, Toyota Fortuner, Ford Ranger, Honda CRV and Ford Everest. Now, Mitsubishi Xpander and Honda CRV are assembled in Việt Nam.

Automakers with the minimum output of  八, 五00 units per year and  三, 五00 units per year for each model are eligible for the policy of zero import tariffs on components for assembly in Việt Nam.

The minimum output figures must be raised to  一 三, 五00 and  五,000, respectively by the end of  二0 二 二. — VNS


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